Go Find the Art!

Trained Eye Arts Center is a non-profit co-operative, a home for the arts in Bloomington.  There one can find a host of studios, rented out various local artists, art galleries throughout, and a functioning venue with multiple stages for entertainment and musical acts.  Owner and founder Adam Nahas has been featured in various publications in Bloomington and support is very steadily growing for this space.  Here is where things get interesting for me, in their “vision” (found at http://trainedeyearts.com):

“Some of our current projects include civic beautification and mural work, developing an open campus for art classes, eco-conscious studio, sustainable gallery, and community garden space. We envision a creative oasis dedicated to the enhancement of the northwest side of Bloomington and the community as a whole.”

There is an amazing amount of potential in this facility right here in Bloomington.  For me, it would be a great starting point to analyze the effects and their extent this area has on Bloomington.  Their projects with sustainable gardens in the community is a great starting point to examine what they are doing to raise awareness, promote sustainable growing, and a great shift away from industrialized food into secure, sovereign food systems.  This ties directly to art and has a number of other vestibules which flow from it such as the Bloomington farmers market, and various community garden projects.



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