Another World Is Possible Notes

Another World is possible documents the World Social Forum.  One that occurs in response to the World Economic Forum and discusses topics that are most likely overlooked during the latter event.  Upon watching this short film, some very relevant issues were discussed in forms of lecture, group discussion, protests, and artistic performances and media.  These topics ranged widely, yet focused mostly on the issues that generally can be classified as “global issues.”  Examples include global corporate dominance, the loss of local tradition and culture due to globalization, GMO Crops, and the military industrial complex.  Yet, the issue that fascinated me most was the seemingly unified consensus that the United States has an extremely overreaching hand on global politics and is seen by many as a bully, a world police force, and a destroyer of many things that people consider important and even sacred amongst their respective cultures.  Of specific note to me was the group discussion in which many people my age from other countries expressed their dichotomous reactions to the events of September 11.  Though many of them expressed condolences for the innocent death toll, they were torn in many ways, explaining that, though perhaps not the best way of showing it, the violence associated with 9/11 reflected a global sentiment of intrusion and overbearing imposed by the United States.  This made me think completely different of not only the events on September 11, but on our global image and duties.


One thought on “Another World Is Possible Notes

  1. I nice evocation of the event and film. The theme you touch on at the end is difficult, of course. Whether at the individual level or the national one, it is never easy to see ourselves as others see us and to reflect on the implications of these perceptions. The dynamic works in the opposite direction too, of course.

    Editorial comments sent privately. Welcome to everyone who shows up here after me.

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